Modern Apartment Refurbishment Farringdon

We often get called to remodel modern apartments, where owners want to add a personal touch to a recently acquired property. sometimes we have to strip out what might be a relatively modern but not quite suited to the new owners.

The following apartment refurbishment involved:

  • Creating an open plan kitchen with a new island unit
  • Refurbishing two ensuite bathrooms
  • taking some space from the two bedroom and corridor to create a dining area
  • Repainting the who property in a colour that exactly matched the existing
  • Integrating the new kitchen island unit with the existing (found out the kitchen was from an Italian supplier, as the bathroom tiles!)
  • Installing a granite worktop surface that matched the existing
  • Colour matching the new lacquered kitchen unit doors with the existing
  • Some electrical works
  • Carpentry on lacquered doors
  • Match the existing aged wooden floor with new

There’s a gem of a place that does granite in SE1…the owner has been there for 50 years! That was cut and delivered quick; the colour matched lacquered doors took 6 weeks to arrive…

Get in touch with us and see what we can do for you – best price, best quality.

kitchen extension colours

Kitchen Extension Colours

Do you know your kitchen extension colours scheme?

Getting it right for you with your perfect kitchen extension colours scheme at the same time as achieving that wow factor, kitchen extensionsmight be a lot simpler than what you think. A kitchen extension will open up the space in this area of the house and white colour schemes definitely enhance this.

However, if you really want to achieve something that stands out, the trick would be in how you choose to complement or contrast that white…

A touch of colour to complement or  contrast that white will also give an opportunity for you to add your own style an individuality to your dream project.

You should consider in your colour choices the colour of any furniture. Perhaps your kitchen extension includes a dinning area as well? Ask yourself things like: What colours will the table be? The chairs? White paint works with most, but do my other colours work well with the furniture? Am I using any tiles in the kitchen? What look and feel do I want with the different texture and will my colours work with that? How does this go with my flooring?

Often it is the most subtle dashes of colour and texture that really make an area stand out. We have seen many bold choices for using colours throughout a kitchen extension project and this has really worked.

Yet, one thing that almost all our projects have in common in terms of the colour choices clients have made, is the contrasting of lighter and darker shades in the kitchen.

Kitchens should be clean, clear and defined; perhaps this functional aspect of a kitchen might help in our ideas of kitchen extension colours?

Whatever you decide, make sure that when you put it all together, it’s perfect for you.




kitchen extensions project 5

Kitchen extension project: Living on site

Wellbeing management during your kitchen extension project

When we are planning the logistics of any kitchen extension project, our priority and considerations are for those residing at their property during building works if this is going to be the case. We occasionally work on projects where the property is unoccupied, however most of the time individuals and families are onsite during the build life cycle. It is paramount to us at City Building Group that residents on site during a build are as comfortable as possible and indeed this is top of the list of daily checks for our Project Managers. It is part of our core competency to deliver kitchen extension projects as smoothly as possible and to this respect the requirements and comfort of those at home as we build is constantly reviewed.

A temporary kitchen and amenities during your kitchen extensions project

Professional building contractors will ensure that there are always facilities for cooking, food heating, refrigeration, clothes washing and drying. Our first option is to reinstate existing kitchen appliances (like cookers and fridges) in a temporary kitchen space where possible. We also provide electrical cookers where need be. Your designated Project Manager will also be available after office hours and they have no concerns answering any queries, addressing any issues, or meeting any requirements during evening and weekends. Indeed he or she will take an active interest as to the level of comfort of residents to ensure that everything is continually being done to keep disruptions to a minimum whilst you undergo your kitchen extension project.

Isolating the building works and logistical management

In the case of a kitchen extension project where the works are usually on the ground floor, the rest of the property will be protected on that floor and dust sheets put up to keep the dust from going to above floors. Handling the logistics of the build process so as to minimise the disruptions for residents is a standard part of our works.


A carefully managed kitchen extensions project will ensure that the 10 – 12 weeks it takes to complete your kitchen extension passes as smoothly as possible. In cases where we are installing underfloor heating on most of the ground floor we are still able to find amenity solutions for every property.

If there are any particular and specific requirements that you would like to know about prior to the commencement of your kitchen extensions project, please let us know. Contact our office on 0203 397 7077.

London Kitchen Extensions

4 Metre Rear Kitchen Extension in SE London

London kitchen extensions are becoming increasingly popular and this 4 metre kitchen extension that we recently completed in South East London is a great example of smart budgeting by the clients. This type of project is accessible to all homeowners because the price is affordable.

The clients kept a sensible hold of their finances from the very start and managed to maintain this through out. However, a stylish finish and a wow factor has been created by spending in certain areas (kitchen; bifold doors, remote control Velux – provided as standard with City Building Group).

This property originally had an unusually small kitchen for it’s size (client referred to their original kitchen as ‘pokey’), separated from the dinning room. That separating wall was removed and with the addition of the extension, the whole area has been opened up to another fantastic new living space. The living room is separate next door, and we hear that the family and guests are really enjoying this new additional space. There was even enough room for the addition of a downstairs cloakroom WC, perfect for visitors.

These works were carried out with the family living in the property continuously throughout the period. This is not unusual and indeed most builds are often like this; we are well experienced in keeping disruptions to a minimum and residents more than comfortable. We ensure ensure that utilities in the house are unaffected.

Kitchen extensions of this quality are available for all properties through all London areas with City Building Group’s price match promise. Which ever contractor you decide to employ for your London kitchen extensions project be sure to get yourself a deal; ask for things like the following to be included in extension building quotes:

  • Remote control Velux or roof lantern
  • Bifold doors
  • 10 year structural warranty from a 3rd party insurer

City Building group offer the above as standard and we occasionally have promotional months which might include savings on kitchens, many appliances and even things like water softeners.

For more information you can call us directly or complete the form on the contacts page. City Building Group – building dreams and making the impossible everyday.


Kitchen Extensions – Bright & Spacious!

home buyers

6 Tips for buying a new dream house

If you are in the final planning stages of buying a new home and soon will be ready to put in offers on properties that match your requirements, here’s a final checklist of things to consider.

  • Firstly, if this is your situation and you are reading this here, then this means that you are looking at doing some house extension or renovations work on the property you hope to buy. In this case, we would recommend that you familiarise yourself with the Government Planning requirements in their portal.
  • You may also want to envisage how the property location will develop over the next few years. For instance, even if the location appears to be an excellent investment, would you like to live there for a few years in the short to medium term and give up 5 years of your life waiting for this to happen? What is the area like for you today and could you live there happily for 5 years?

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