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City Building Group work with property developers. We provide turn-key solutions and assist to the next level with a range of construction services in London. We are also adept in providing services to those that are undertaking their first or second developments projects. Those newly into property development quickly find that construction services in London usually takes then from residential developments to HMO’s and larger development projects within a year. Also, new for 2019 we will be managing pooled resources. Replicating the tried and tested processes all over again for our clients, but on larger scale\;plo. With our construction services in London you will become the developer you want to be. Whilst we undertake the construction and day to day management on your behalf, you will be able to focus on what you want out of your project.


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What Does This Mean For You?


Working with us on a property development project will ensure that every area where value can be added to the process, would have been professionally reviewed and reported back to you. As part of of property development construction services, a management and appraisal team consisting of a architects, structural engineers, quantity surveyors, and project managers, will be continuously working for you and your investment all the time.

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You are ready to invest and have been looking at potential projects and opportunities. You seek clarification and a means of really quantifying the potential as well as the hurdles. You hear in London that property appreciation has slowed down in some areas. You wait. Or, maybe you have done this before, and seek assurity of hitting the number that you want.

Alongside our developer construction services, on some projects resources may be pooled. This means that one can structure and control their level of investment. It also allows for involvement in larger projects, with upscaled benefits.

We will research opportunities, organise, and build with our bespoke construction services for development projects of any size.

Get in touch with us today to make an investment that works for you, and not you working for an investment…


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