Modern Apartment Refurbishment Farringdon

We often get called to remodel modern apartments, where owners want to add a personal touch to a recently acquired property. sometimes we have to strip out what might be a relatively modern but not quite suited to the new owners.

The following apartment refurbishment involved:

  • Creating an open plan kitchen with a new island unit
  • Refurbishing two ensuite bathrooms
  • taking some space from the two bedroom and corridor to create a dining area
  • Repainting the who property in a colour that exactly matched the existing
  • Integrating the new kitchen island unit with the existing (found out the kitchen was from an Italian supplier, as the bathroom tiles!)
  • Installing a granite worktop surface that matched the existing
  • Colour matching the new lacquered kitchen unit doors with the existing
  • Some electrical works
  • Carpentry on lacquered doors
  • Match the existing aged wooden floor with new

There’s a gem of a place that does granite in SE1…the owner has been there for 50 years! That was cut and delivered quick; the colour matched lacquered doors took 6 weeks to arrive…

Get in touch with us and see what we can do for you – best price, best quality.

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